Thursday, February 11, 2016

Take 2 - February 11, 2016

Lilit was extubated this afternoon and is trying, once more, to breathe on her own.  So far, she is doing well.

In other news, Ella's entire first grade class wrote notes of encouragement to Lilit and put them together in a wonderful book.


  1. Viviane, Siranoush, Andranik, and of course, dear Lilitjan...
    This week Jarred and I are off work for Chinese New Year, and finally we have been able to read through this blog from the first entry to catch up on these exciting and important events. My eyes filled with tears to learn of your difficult yet amazing journey...and to see how many people care for such a sweet and beautiful girl. Sending our love from south China. We will try to read the daily blog entry when we can -- all Google sites and apps are blocked here, and the VPN doesn't always work! We are so happy to see you and hear that you are recovering. You and Anjella and all our Armenian friends are in our thoughts often, even though you may not remember us. :) Hugs and kisses...

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