Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Surgery Part 2 - February 3, 2016

As planned since last week, Lilit will be undergoing the remainder of her spinal surgery today.  Her X-rays and CAT-scan look good and she and her medical team are ready.  The procedure will start at 9:15 am and is expected to last no more than four hours.  Updates to be added here as they become available.

Update 9:36 am - Lilit is on her way into the OR.

Update 2:30 pm - The surgery is taking a bit longer than expected again. Dr. Caridi is currently placing the rods which should be complete by around 4:30 pm at which time the plastic surgeon will close the incision.  Target time for being finished is 6:00 pm.

Update 4:05 pm - The rod placement is complete and the plastic surgeons are closing Lilit's back now.  Dr. Caridi said Lilit is out of the woods and will be brought out of sedation tomorrow morning.  However, she will remain intubated through the weekend while gradually weaning off oxygen.  Extubation is expected on Monday which will be the earliest point at which Lilit may be able to speak.  Physical rehabilitation will begin on Monday as well.

Update 6:04 pm - Lilit's surgery is complete.  The SOAR team will be going to see her in PICU in about an hour.

Update 6:48 pm - Lilit is settling into PICU.  She will be heavily sedated until morning.

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