Monday, February 15, 2016

Farewell PICU - February 15, 2016

Lilit had another wonderful day even though she wanted a little more peace and quiet for herself at times.  On the other hand of that coin, however, she was also much more willing to work on regaining her physical strength, asking, outside of her official session with PT, twice to be placed in a chair to sit and once to stand while holding on to her rolling walker and with nurse assistance.  She is not yet taking any steps, but slowly building up her confidence to try it out.  What a difference 48 hours make!

Here's Lilit sitting up with just a little support and practicing moving her arms up and down with two physical therapists:

Lilit was eating reasonably well again today and it became obvious that she doesn't like the hospital food when she happily ate some salad, chicken and hummus from a nearby restaurant and later homemade chicken soup courtesy of Naira.  Oh, and let's not forget the bag of Skittles she shared with Ella.

Siranoush read Lilit the book from Ella's classmates.

And the music therapist stopped by in the afternoon and brought lots of joy to Lilit and her new friend Emilia.

Shortly after the music therapist left, Lilit was transferred out of PICU back to her original room on the fifth floor.  She was very happy to be there again and see the nurses who had taken such good care of her prior to the surgery.

Even though there were tears when Ella and Lilit had to say their goodbyes this evening...

... it's been a blessing to see this gorgeous smile again:

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