Sunday, May 15, 2016

About The Hip - May 15, 2016

George Yacoubian met with Lilit's orthopedic specialist in Yerevan and learned that at the moment, there's no surgery indicated for Lilit's hip. In fact, there may not be a surgical solution to Lilit's hip alignment at all. Lilit will continue with her physical therapy and be monitored by her orthopedist.

Lilit no longer uses a walker to move and only occasionally needs a crutch.  She does not have any pain.

Friday, May 13, 2016

This & That - May 13, 2016

Lilit is doing well and was happy to have a visit from George Yacoubian, founder and chairman of SOAR, this week.  She showed off what she has learned via tutoring and also performed a little program with her friends.  George brought Lilit a letter from Ella which was gladly received.

A few days before George's visit, Lilit got to watch a video of Ella and her mom singing an Armenian song.

In return, Lilit recorded a beautiful song for them.