Friday, January 22, 2016

The Green Light - January 22, 2016

After reviewing all information, Dr. Caridi and his team decided that Lilit is, indeed, a candidate for spinal surgery that will significantly enhance her quality of life as well as prevent additional health problems in adolescence.

Lilit's ten-hour surgery will be complicated, removing several ribs and vertebrae and inserting a metal rod to reduce the 120 degree curvature of her spine.  If all goes as planned, Lilit will not need additional surgeries or follow-up care in the future.  Rehabilitation could take as long as two months, however.

Lilit's surgery is scheduled for January 27.


  1. God Bless you Lilit, so happy to hear this wonderful news!

  2. What a great news she can undergo surgery and have no complications in future!Astvats qez het, anushik Lilit jan!

  3. God bless you all!!!! Prayers for a successful surgery.