Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Heart to Heart - March 28, 2016

With her impending return to Armenia, Lilit is beginning to feel some apprehension about what her future holds, thinking a lot about life, and asking important questions.  Among many tears, she opened up today to her new friend Naira, President of the SOAR New York Chapter.

Naira learned that Lilit is very concerned about going back to the orphanage.  She knows that the individual care, attention and love she has received while in the US for medical treatment will not be provided to her once she returns to this setting.  For the first time in her life, Lilit realizes that there is something good, something better outside of the walls of the orphanage.

Lilit does not fully understand why Ella can stay in America and why she must return to Armenia because, as she says, she is ready to live in America herself and waiting for someone to make this dream possible for her.  She is more motivated now to attend school, learn to read and write and do math, as well as continue her acquisition of English which will be supported via SOAR.  Lilit is hopeful that someday she can return to the US permanently.

Please keep Lilit in your thoughts as she prepares to go back to Yerevan and undergoes another difficult transition.

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