Monday, March 21, 2016

Fun With Ella - March 21, 2016

Today Ella and her family arrived for another visit. Everyone was excited well ahead of time and so thrilled to be together again.  Lilit has made remarkable progress since last month and is in very happy, playful spirits.  She understands quite a bit of English now and casually uses phrases like, thank you very much, oh my gosh, just a second, and good job.

Lilit's schedule

Lilit's view
Rocking her sparkly Frozen shoes

Planting a fern in OT

In one month,
Lilit went from being able to write no letters
to independently spelling and writing her name
very well

The girls had a pizza eating contest for lunch and scheduled themselves for obligatory beauty time after Lilit's therapies were finished.  They also had dinner together.  Apparently Lilit's appetite is increased when she is sharing a meal with her friend.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's adventures of two Armenian besties.

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  1. Keep going, Lilit jan, you're doing great! Love and hugs from China...