Monday, April 4, 2016

Going Home - April 3 & 4, 2016

Lilit is on her way home to Armenia.  She leaves as happy as she came, but in much better health. For the next five months, Lilit will continue to have physical therapy in Yerevan along with private lessons in English and Armenian.  Hopefully she will be ready to enroll in school in September.

SOAR is eternally grateful to all who helped Lilit over the last three months, including Siranoush and Hripsime who spent extended periods away from their own families to care for Lilit, her medical team at Mt. Sinai, her rehab team at RUSK, those who sent their love via cards and presents in the mail, those who donated to her Go Fund Me, and the people who visited her while she was in-patient to brighten her days.

Maybe the letter that Ella wrote to Lilit at school says it best for today:

Lilit, I am sad that you are leaving today.  
I hope you will be okay on the plane.  
It is okay to be a little sad, but you will be fine. 
Love, Ella

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